It seems Burt Reynolds hears death a’knockin and wants to give one last big fuck you to his critics and make sure the rest of us know he was more than the guy who married Loni Anderson.

I guess Smokey And The Bandit 4 isn’t happening.

According to the Hollywood Reporter:

Burt Reynolds is making another Hollywood comeback — not, this time, by playing a porn director, coach or politician, but by performing a meta role as an aging former movie icon.

In the new trailer for the upcoming A24/DirecTV title The Last Movie Star (see below), Reynolds’ character Vic Edwards, a former stuntman and movie star, travels to the “International Nashville Film Festival” to receive a career achievement award. Once in Tennessee, however, Reynolds’ character realizes the “festival” is a bunch of disorganized but diehard young fans celebrating his career in a bar, not the tony Hollywood affair he was expecting.

Burt did have some charisma starting out. He was a real presence in Deliverance and The Longest Yard. After that, I just remember him as the wise-ass, punch throwing, stay for the funny outtakes in the credits, voice of the Budweiser generation, in some lowest common denominator in-joke car chase movies.

He pretty much disappeared until Boogie Nights.

And despite the accolades he received, I didn’t feel he wasn’t anything special in it. That role could have been played by anyone really.

Here’s the trailer:

This too-clever-for-its-own-good meta-movie is Burt trying to prove he is still hip and was a serious actor and artist on par with Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicholson, and Robert De Niro. Well maybe in your own mind you are, Burt. But perhaps if you had spent less time hanging out with Dinah Shore and Dom Deluise and more time working on some serious films, you would be truly worthy of some accolades.

To me, this seems to be nothing more than the standard, “End Of Career, Ego-masturbating, Old Man Who Was Most Likely An Asshole But Regrets It” movie template.

You could just stick in any half-forgotten mediocre male actor that’s circling the drain, add the Johnny Cash version of Hurt and get the same result.

The Last Movie Star arrives theaters and IMAX March 30 and will be available on DirecTV on Feb. 22.


      • Yep. I realize a vast amount of his energy was wasted on schlocky movies but he’s hardly the actor most deserving of your snark.

          • Burt was great when he was great but by the mid 1980s he was pretty much done. Early films like ‘Sam Whisky’ showed his Paul Newmanesque charm and he traded heavily on that but without a great director he was adrift lacking the depth and acting chops of other contemporary actors in Hollywood.
            What he had in spades was Charisma. Pure. Unrefined. Charisma.

          • Yeah he obviously got by on charisma. His acting talents lacked though. He was the same guy in every part. Like you said though, when it worked he was great to watch.

          • I don’t think we are confusing anything? Are you trying to tell me its ok that you can’t act as long as you are a movie star? Because that’s a ridiculous statement.

          • You unpacked a lot of info from a single sentence. You stated above that Reynolds basically plays a version of himself in all his roles. I’d argue that most major stars do the same. Tom Cruise is hardly considered our most gifted thespian despite having achieved world-wide movie star status.
            My initial response to this article had less to do with adoration of the Bandit and more to do with the snarky tone and coming to the defense of an easy target.
            As a sanctuary for ex-AICN castaways, I hope this site can get off the ground. I’ll continue to visit if things stay focused on the love of film and geekdom. Hey, I’d love to contribute myself but have so little time for my own writing let alone writing for someone else.

          • I was basically unpacking my confusion for what you were saying. I hope you keep coming because I don’t care if you disagree with anything I say. I don’t have to be right about anything. Its just stupid opinions haha. And I would absolutely agree with you about Tom Cruise. He can’t act very well either.

          • Tom Cruise isn’t Peter O’Toole or Anthony Hopkins, but then again he doesn’t need to be. Maybe his best acting was in the movies “Born On The Fourth Of July” and “Minority Report” had some great scenes for him also.

          • Yeah celebrity squares, but he woulda been centre square. With 6 martinis under the table ready to go.

        • He was a likeable guy, but no great actor. I think this movie is to much of Burt building himself up into something he wasn’t combined with a trying, but not seem like they are trying, for an award.
          But if you are a fan I hope you enjoy it and please review it!

  1. I was never a big fan of Bumhole Burt. I call him that because the name infuriates a friend of mine who is into Bumhole Burt.

  2. Why does he gotta do shit like this at the end? Nobody wants to see Burt Reynolds at his age doing movies like this. How come he can’t go out with some class like Raul Julia did in Street Fighter?

  3. It seems a little funny to say it, but my Mom used to have that famous Playgirl poster of Burt Reynolds laying on a rug hanging on the wall of her home. That was the 70’s. Different times back then. 😉


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