The reason that corona keeps getting worse is all your fault.

Instead of staying home, you insist on keeping to your normal routine.

Gotta go ride your bike and do your hour of jogging as always. The coffee shop is still open, gotta get your afternoon latte.

“It’s OK for me to go out because I looked out the window and someone who I don’t know or have never seen before just walked past the house. I don’t know why they left the house, but if they’re out I’m going out too.”

Well Larry David thinks you are all idiots.

He shot a PSA for the Office of the Governor of California literally calling people exactly that and everyone needs to listen to what they are being told and just stay home already.

Good advice.

I live in NYC, which is basically ground zero in America for corona, and even here people are refusing to listen.

The city’s mayor goes on TV every day telling everyone not to leave the house and he was caught over the weekend leaving the house to go out for a walk. So even he’s not listening to his own advice.

Maybe Larry David ridiculing you is what you need to get you to do what needs to be done.

Of course, it looks like this was shot in a hotel room, so he’s clearly not home, but that’s another story.

Curb Your Enthusiasm has been pretty good this season. Stay home and binge it.