On this day in 1958, Alfred Hitchcock’s psychedelic, psychological mind twister of film Vertigo was released in cinemas.

Welcome to the sixties Jimmy!

Vertigo, though now hailed as a classic movie, was actually not too popular with the critics when it first released. Hitchcock himself stated that he felt stars Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak might not have been right for the parts.

I tend to agree with the critics on this. IMHO the pacing of this film never clicked for me and Jimmy Stewart never seemed to connect with the material.

Regardless, this was a film that showcased all of Hitchcock’s directorial strengths and technical expertise as a filmmaker. Utilizing camera techniques and special effects he could only dream of 20 years prior, Alfred combined the psychological noir of European film with the technicolor popcorn editing and special effect camera techniques of what is now the norm in modern American movies. Hitchcock bridged the gap between the old and the new and successfully sold the result to mainstream American movie-going audiences.

What is everyone’s favorite Hitchcock flick? Let us know below.

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