The Academy Awards dropped their nominations, and the usual shill entertainment media outlets had their usual shill entertainment media outrage about the Oscar nominees being “too white” or “too male” or “too ‘whatever’.”

You lose in the Intersectionality Olympics. Sorry, ladies. Maybe if you transition to dudes, though…

Case in point, from the trades:

Vogue reported that the choices were “a pretty poor showing for…well, anyone other than straight white men,” complaining that no females were nominated for best director and “zero performers of color were nominated in the best supporting actor and best-supporting actress categories.”

Good old Vogue Magazine. The last time they were relevant in the cultural and social zeitgeist was in 1989, when they were still publishing a physical magazine.

And then, Stephen King, who has pandered to the “woke” Twitter mob for the last few years—particularly the anti-Trump mob—decided to weigh in and tweet.

Don’t You Dare Leave the Plantation

From the trades, yet again:

King responded on Twitter by daring to suggest that potential winners should be judged on their merits and not their genitalia, [who they have sex with] or [their] skin color.

And here we go…


And then the predictable people, Tweeted the predictable responses to and artist who makes art.

Yeah, so that happened.

What Are We To Make of All of This?

The march of whining about a “rigged game,” a “lack of merit,” “the importance of color,” and on and on apparently continues unabated on the Twitter platform.

And, since 90% of the entertainment shill media operates on this platform, they will report on these people and make it seem as if 90% of the average movie and cultural consumer cares about the race, gender, or sexual orientation of a particular creator.

Hmm. I guess Stephen King will have to get it last, after Michael Moore.

The other thing to consider is King’s larger point—which, is just like a wrong clock, he’s right on this one—which is that diversity quota considerations are meaningless when we have to consider the quality of a particular film, book, play, or even a poem.

The application of successful creativity is about the intentional application of hard work and the struggle to bring an idea into the world.

Market and award considerations are meaningless—thus the meaninglessness of Hollywood award shows in general—just as are diversity quota considerations.

However, we know that won’t be enough for the “woke” Twitterati:

The backlash from the woke mob is particularly funny given that King panders to them 99% of the time with his endless anti-Trump diatribes.
But 99% is not enough – unless you show flawless devotion to the cult – you will be canceled.