Hey gang eBob Junior here! I just got back from looking at all the new Blu-rays at Walmart so you know what that means. Perks and Pokes! Let’s do this.

Sex Lives and Videotape- My dad actually owns this on video tape! This is a CRITERION COLLECTION.

Isle of Dogs- This is a West Anderson cartoon about dogs who wear quirky hats.

RAPMAGE– Dwanye Johnson is back and this time he brought an ablino gorilla! Look out Joe Mangangello.

Super Troopers 2– Remember Super Troopers 1? Well this is the sequel by the original Borken Lizard team.S

You Were Never Really Here– Joanquin Phoenix does

Truth or Dare– It looks like a horror flim made for cool young poeple like me.

The Expands Season 3- This is a Syfy show so it should suck but word around the community center is it’s pretty good.

I Feel Pretty- Do you like Amy Schumer flims? Me neither. PASS.

Traffik- I don’t know much about this but I bet it’s a movie about road rage.

Disobedience- Looks like Call Me By Your Name but with lesbians.

4K Round Up- Teenage Mutant Nijna Turtles! The Quick and the Dead! Terminator 2 Judgement Day!

Well that’s it for this week. Don’t forget to click the links it helps support this article’s best efforts! And thanks again to my little brother Shaub for editing and finding pics of all the Blu-rays. We make quite a team Shaub!

keep it cool,
eBob Junior

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