Men Are Better is another new Film Goblin limited feature where we highlight scenes in movies where men — just men — are shown to be as badass and competent as we are in real life. Look, we’re not good at suckling kids or preparing a lifetime of school lunches or interior design, but we are good at a lot of stuff. And they put us in movies.

If you have an idea about a scene where men are show to be super-serious operators, let us know in the comments or via email. There are only 4 more selections remaining.

There Is A Moment

I’m not so sure that the most satisfying part of this clip is not the very beginning when Matt Damon’s arrogantly self-centered, look-at-me-fake-alpha, beta male orbiter Dr. Mann starts giving a speech about how he’s gonna just save the day and then…

The line “It’s Necessary” is soooooooooooooo…

He should have just said “I’m doing it anyway”, but the idea of overriding the AI is something we guys all dream about these days.

And Anne Hathaway’s “Holy shit, I can’t believe you just did that” gulpy laugh is what we all need to hear at least once in our life.

She’s practically orgasming into her helmet at the levels of male heroism

Have you overridden the AI and made a woman amazed at how you saved her life today?

No? Then you’re not a man and maybe you need to host the Oscars.

And yes… the “docking” headline is intentional.