Is this a GOOD Idea?


When people throw a new idea into the correct ring that is so obvious that one wonders how they did not think of it – that is one measurement of a good idea.

So let’s bless the viewers of ET Canada and chuckle at the verbal sparring between host Sangita Patel and Tom Cruise over whether this good idea is “Great” or “Fun”:



It’s a good, fun idea.  Is it great?  Let’s see what happens – I’m in.

Even his most unhappy and vicious critics acknowledge that Tom Cruise BRINGS IT.  If Mr. Cruise were a wrestler his name would be “A-GAME”.  Before each match a beautiful woman would hand him a cell phone, then he would smile and hand it back as the crowd went wild.

Tom Cruise never phones it in.


A shirtless Tom Cruise gives his fans a freebe
A shirtless Tom Cruise gives his fans a freebie.

THE ROCK brings it too.

the rock pain and gain
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in Miami on his way to pick up his kids at the airport.  No Pain no Gain.


Dwayne Johnson; former wrestler and legitimate movie-star, managed to make us all like him over the years.

Here’s his response (original tweet):

Haha oh trust me brother.. the “fun” we would have is a massive understatement. Second only to the fun, the world would have watching us on screen together. One day we’ll make it happen. Pumped up for #MI6Fallout ??


I like this guy.  Was it The Rundown that turned me..?  I just can’t remember.  Let’s investigate.


Quick Rock Rundown

What was The Rocks’ first Major Motion Picture appearance?

Nope not The Scorpion King.  It was The Mummy Returns AS “The Scorpion King”.

I liked Walking Tall quite a bit and San Andreas was awesome.  I hope his newest film Skyscraper comes close to that one.  The trailers look intense but you never know if its all going to work.  They don’t have Carla Gugina or Alexandra Daddario to help carry it.  But no one can argue that The Rock doesn’t elevate the The Fast and the Furious franchise, whether you like those movies or not.

Let’s roll a quick and ridiculous action mashup of his work:

Mr. Johnson has proven himself to be a competent, hard-working actor in several scenarios.  So while I tend to agree with David Spade that “acting is easy folks”, the bad ones standout.  And neither of these men are bad.

In fact they are both quite good.


“You’ve Never Seen Me Upset”

Tom Cruise is about as established a super-star as there ever was one, so no need to go into his accomplishments here.  But I am psyched to see the latest MI film:  Mission Impossible:  Fallout.

And now for Tom Cruise moving at top-speed as-needed:



The question in my mind is what the relationship is…  Are they rivals like Top Gun‘s heroes?  Are they adversaries?  The Rock was a great villain in DOOM and Tom Cruise really brought it for Micheal Mann’s Collateral.  Is it an R-Rated buddy action film?  Or is it super-serious?

Hit the comments below and discuss!



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