In One Moment

He was defined as a man who would never give up:


We began to love him as a man who would sacrifice himself for anyone:


We respected him because he respected our beliefs as well:

He Has Some Good Lines

But it not about the lines. It’s about the character. 

This is our Captain. We have no other. We will not accept another.

What Other Captains Would You Have Us Replace?

Would you want a replacement of this Captain:

What about this one? 

This is another Captain you can maybe get rid of because… because… 

We’re in the home stretch of irreplaceable Captains, now boys:

Our favorite captains… 

Our funniest captains…

Our greatest captains…

Our best captain…

None of these captains are replaceable. Steve Rogers is not replaceable either.

Our Only Captain

Stop this. Stop the replacement of our Captain.