Hey gang eBob Junior here,

I’m coming to you live from Comic Con in San Diego with a TSUNAMI of AQUAMAN pictures! Look at this poster! Jason Momoma is JACKED!!!

But that’s not all! I also got a bunch of fist look pictures from Entertainment Weekly!

Is this a dragon? Is it a giant sea hore? What ever it is it’s blowing my GOD DAMN MIND! Great Neptune’s Ghost this looks like the Aquaman flim I’ve been waiting my whole life for!

We have pictures of new Aquaman toys too! Mera makes my pants tight!

Did you see all those?? HOLY SHIT I AM GEEKING OUT!!! I can not believe they gave Jason the classic orange and green costume he looks just like I did in my Aquaman Underroos when I was little! So much fun chasing my sister sheBob around the house with the rake I used as a tirdent! I PRETENDED SHE WAS A WHALE! Thank you James Wang for making my dreams come true!!!!

Keep it cool!

eBob Junior

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