Sparkle Batman with Robert Pattison is currently shooting in Europe and some potential leaks have made their way onto Reddit.

As usual, these leaks have not been confirmed, so let’s take them all with a grain of salt.

The person who leaked these potential spoilers says that what follows is only from the first third of the script. It’s allegedly gonna go down in this order.

  • The film is going to be done in a film-noir style. How noir? It’s going to feature narration by Bruce Wayne “in the style of The Maltese Falcon”.
  • Batman is on the trail of Carmine Falcone.
  • The opening is the Caped Crusader investigating a series of arsons he believes will help take him the gangster down, meaning the film probably will not go into Batman’s origin story again.
  • The arsons are being set by Batman rogue Firefly, who will appear in a Batman film for the first time.
  • Batman defeats Firefly and calls in Gordon. The two do not really trust each other yet, but Gordon has a large amount of respect for what Batman is doing, even though he is probably over his head.
  • Bruce and Alfred have a somewhat adversarial relationship and are not buddy-buddy as usually depicted. It’s very tense between them and “things feel like they could bubble over into a fist fight between them at any point”.
  • Harvey Dent does not appear, at least in the first act, but his name is mentioned when Falcone wins a case in court.
  • Bruce is very active in his work within Wayne Enterprises and does not have the usual hands-off and lack of interest approach we are used to seeing.
  • Batman gets info from Firefly which leads him to The Penguin, leader of a rival crime family. Turns out he was paying Firefly to burn down Falcone’s stash houses.
  • Batman finds a question mark painted in blood on the Batmobile. A trail of blood leads him to the body of Falcone with a letter pinned on him.
  • A separate poster on Reddit confirms the rumor that Vengeance is the name of the film.

So there you have it.

It sounds pretty interesting, but the thing that stands out which calls this into question for me is the fact this all takes place in the first third of the script, yet no Catwoman. I don’t know about you but my screenwriting class always taught me that you can’t go that far into a script without introducing all your main characters.

Also, leaking online is the Wayne Enterprises logo which will be used in the film.

It was taken down after a complaint from the studio, meaning that it’s probably legit. Fortunately, someone took a screengrab while it was still up.