No, I’m just kidding. This seems like a bizarre choice to me. It makes me a little worried about the direction they are taking in Wonder Woman 2, the sequel to what, for me, is basically the one decent movie the DC Cinematic Universe has produced thus far.

Kristen Wiig In Wonder Woman
Is Kristen Wiig the obvious choice to play Cheetah opposite Gal Gadot?

SNL Vet Kristen Wiig Has Been Cast as Wonder Woman’s Nemesis, Cheetah

So director Patty Jenkins has confirmed that Kristen Wiig (a veteran of other super-heroic action movies like Bridesmaids and the blockbuster hit that was 2016’s Ghostbusters) has been cast as Cheetah by saying in a tweet:

So excited to confirm the most thrilling news. Yes! It’s true! So incredibly lucky to welcome the sensationally talented Kristen Wiig to our Wonder Woman family. Can’t wait to finally work with one of my favorites. And SO excited by what we have planned.

Which worries me that the reason she was cast was because Patty Jenkins had been wanting to work with her, not because she would be the best fit for the role.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman With Kristen Wiig Cheetah
Kristen Wiig? As Cheetah? Are you serious? I mean, you’re just screwing with me, right? No, seriously.

The Obvious Similarities Between the Previous Wonder Woman Movie and a Second-Tier Judd Apatow Comedy

I’ve got nothing. Bueller? Bueller?

But I’m Not Going to Rush to Judge

Kristen Wiig Cheetah
I don’t feel like Kristen Wiig is the natural choice for the Cheetah in the next Wonder Woman movie, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Because who knows? Maybe it will work. I wasn’t convinced by Gal Gadot’s casting as Wonder Woman when it was first announced, not even a little, and I ultimately thought she made an excellent Wonder Woman.

When I was but a wee sprout of 19, I was mystified at hearing that Michael Keaton had been cast as Batman. But as it turned out, I loved Batman ’89 and went to see it twice in the theater. So despite the fact I can’t remotely see how this works, I won’t rush to judge. But I will be concerned.

Wonder Woman and Cheetah
So, I’m kind of wondering how the Cheetah is going to look in this next Wonder Woman movie. But I won’t rush to judge.

Often, comics geeks and fanboys do get concerned about how little a cast actor seems to resemble a character. Yet it often turns out fine. In the case of Kristen Wiig, there’s also the matter of her acting style and, frankly, her voice. Nothing I’ve seen from her before suggests she would be a good fit for Cheetah.

But I’ve been wrong about this stuff before. So here’s crossing my fingers that I’m wrong once again.

I realize not everybody, not even all of my fellow Goblins, enjoyed Wonder Woman as much as I did. But I really did like it, and consider it the single film in the DC Cinematic Universe that was both done well and honored the character.

Hopefully the casting of Wiig as Cheetah turns out to be a better idea than I think it is.

Kristen Wiig as The Cougar
Perhaps they really intended to cast Kristen Wiig as a new arch-nemesis for Wonder Woman: The Cougar!

What do you guys think?

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        • Was downsizing a big hit? I remember seeing some trailers. Then it sort of dissappears. I mean I can’t remember if it actually came out or they just quit airing trailers.

          • Downsizing was like seeing someone with a really great idea for a movie decide to spend the entire film focusing on the dullest possible side-story they could imagine and then choosing to double-down on it by making it twice as long as the original great idea should have been.

            OK, maybe it wasn’t that long but it felt like it which is far worse. It was only 2 hours and 15 minutes but I swear it felt like I was in that theater for 3+ hours.

        • I don’t agree at all on the chops. Nothing she did in either of those movies was even a little bit interesting to me. I understand it’s always a “YMMV” kind of thing but I thought the best thing she ever did was in “Paul”, “Mitty”, and “Brides Maids” but every single one of those parts was kind of interchangeable. I’m not sure I could tell them apart if she was the only person on the screen.

  1. I’m thinking Warner’s and Jenkins are taking the Ragnarok turnoff.

    And count me among those doubters pleasantly surprised by Gadot; shouldn’t have been though,them hot IDF babes can fucking part the sea with a smile and an X95

    • Unlikely. They let me in no questions asked. Now that I think about it though I have had an enormous post “Pending” for days now so maybe somebody finally noticed I got in and my luck’s about to run out.

        • No big deal. The “Nerd Fight” question struck a nerve with me (go figure) and I ended up barfing out this giant post. My biggest question is what causes “Pending”? I have no idea. It could have been length, possibly some well placed profanity, or maybe even a long portion of the post that was entirely off-topic. I’m more curious about learning how to not do it again.

  2. That decision is so damned DC it’s almost funny. The people who made this choice could almost not find a worse choice for that part.

    So much for that glimmer of hope that Wonder Woman gave us that DC might get their shit together.

    • I’m withholding judgement but it feels wrong. And feels like she wanted to work with Wiig, not that Wiig was the best choice for the role. Which is how we Alden Solo IMO.

  3. This is horrendous casting, and the first WW was wildly overhyped. I predict Kristen Wiig’s casting contributes to WW II underperforming.

    The first movie had plot holes you could drive a truck through, a weak villain, some questionable acting and CGI, and a poor third act that featured a sudden massive power-up for WW “because, why not?” This one won’t have the hype of being the first female super heroine movie to carry it through.

  4. Man of Sears had me hoping BvS would be good. BvS had me hoping Suicide Slog would be good. Then WW happened. And Justice League left me wondering if WW was good only because it didn’t suck as bad. I don’t plan on revisiting it to find out.

    Sincerely, go ahead and rewatch the opening on the island. Notice how all the women in a lineup is white, white, black, white, white, black, black, white. No Asians. No Hispanics. Only two races. Gosh. That’s feminine utopia? Plus, as good as Gadot was in the role, it stands out how she’s the only one speaking with an accent. This was tweaked in JL, yet remains painfully obvious in WW.

    Oh. A chick director cast a chick from the chick Ghostbusters in a chick superhero movie. Gosh. Can’t wait to chick it out!

  5. She was great in The Martian. She was in The Martian, right? I’m not gonna look it up but if she is the one I’m thinking of I say go for it. I’m not gonna see it anyway.

  6. Well, I know nothing of the Cheetah, so if they reinvented her as a corporate ice bitch, I wouldn’t know if it was wrong or what. I’ve read one Wonder Woman comic in my life so I clearly don’t care. That said, it seems like the irritating hipster thing to do.

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