Just Like Suicide

A couple of years ago, Suicide Squad recruited an interesting director, David Ayer. Then it absolutely slayed with casting, before delivering some superb trailer action. When it finally arrived on theatre screens, it turned out to have some classic DCEU hallmarks that have affected a large amount of the franchise’s current output:

  1. It was like two completely different movies smashed together.
  2. Despite this, it seemed like a lot of important plot and development was missing.
  3. It wasn’t very good.

One thing which really stood out was how little Jared Leto’s take on the Joker was developed or used. It was no secret that Ayer originally had big plans for the character. Some scenes shown in trailers were not evident in the final cut.

“What do you mean, all my scenes are cut?”

However, what was in those scenes has been something of a mystery. Until now.

Hail To The King, Baby

Ayer himself has been dropping details on Twitter:

“After Joker dropped [Harley Quinn] from the [helicopter] and crashed, Enchantress made a deal with him. He was going to take Harley home and be ‘King of Gotham’. Harley stood up to him and refused to betray her new friends. The Squad turned on him and he escaped.”

Ayer went on to say that the original plan was for Harley to go from being Joker’s victim, to breaking free of him and going out on her own like a survivor of domestic abuse.

“That was her arc. Growth and empowerment.”

Some of the cut scenes were to show him abusing her, rather than the final cut which showed a creepy and unhinged, but ultimately romantic relationship.

Suicide Squad 2 will dump itself onto movie theatre screens at some point in the future, but right now I don’t care enough to Google the planned release date.

The unbeatable eBob Jr gives his thoughts on another of DCEU’s efforts here.

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