I Wouldn’t Have Believed It Unless I Had Seen It…

According to the self-referentially boring DCEU films support site pages on Facebook, there is a groundswell of “fan” support for a release of the original, not-touched-by-Warner Brothers-or-that-icky-Joss-Whedon, version of Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

Yes. This version of Batman.

But then, we read quotes like this from the people who actually, y’know, worked on the film:

Jay Oliva, who is Zack Snyder’s Justice League storyboard artist shuts that notion down on social media as he tweeted last Tuesday responding to a fan comment:

“Many scenes weren’t shot” -?

Maybe pick up shots planned for reshoots but I’m pretty sure everything was shot. Why else would they have a “last shot” celebration? I was there for the last shot so I would know if more were planned. In fact Zack usually uses me for any reshoots.”

That’s one. Here’s another:

Likewise, Darkseid actor Ray Porter laughed at Variety stating that “Release The Snyder Cut” is a pipe dream as he also tweeted last Tuesday the following:

Well, he may want to let all those whack jobs in the DCEU Facebook groups know because they are a legion. 

Apparently, “Fanboys” Want More of Snyder

Without really paying attention to this growing groundswell here on this site, with our readers, the ground has, indeed, swollen.

10 feet high and risin’…

This means, that, of course, we have to address it.

But, where to begin?

Well, here are a few points to consider that may prevent the release of any potential “Snyder” cut of Justice League:

  • Ben Affleck–in spite of dropped his professed enthusiasm for the role of Batman–dropped out of the role, and of course, Matt Reeves is busy casting his heart out for another Batman movie which will surely repeat a needless origin story.
  • Wonder Woman got its own stand-alone film, as well as Aquaman, both of which proved to be better financially–to the tune of close to $1 billion dollars–for Warner Brothers than the ensemble piece that Justice League was.
  • Snyder went off Justice League due to his daughter’s suicide and was replaced by Joss Whedon and there’s no way that Warner—after investing all the money they did on reshoots of the original Justice League material that made the final cut—is going to go back on that.

And that’s just three reasons.

I’m sure you can come up with more on your own.

But, Wait…Wait…There’s This Point Over Here…

And I quote:

He’s a lot more like an Amazon Prime show character in real life than you would think.

The current best guess regarding “Release The Snyder Cut” comes from Grace Randolph who recently tweeted that she thinks it will get released on HBO Max, but that negotiations are still underway, and that similar to how things went with Disney and Sony with Spider-Man, different sides are using the various Hollywood trades in order to drum up support – or not – for “Release The Snyder Cut.”

And, of course, the powers that be will stoke more of this nonsense heading into HBO Max’s launch at some unidentified time in 2020.

Meanwhile, Zack Snyder is also fanning the flames of this nonsense on the image-sharing app, Vero—which no one you know personally is on—and thus will wind up disappointing all of those Facebook DCEU “fanboys” as well.

One looks constipated, one looks for direction, and one looks right at the camera.

But, what do you all think?

Do you want to see the “Snyder” Cut of Justice League in the world or have you all moved on, unlike the rest of Facebook’s movie and film group fans?

Sound off below.