In this glorious life there are many things that bring me joy, and there are many things that piss me off.

I have been blessed with Hollywood good looks, brains, charisma, the body of a Titan, a beloved family and friends (including of course my extended friends and family here), a job that affords me the luxury of driving a new Alpina B7, and most importantly, a beautiful woman and partner whom I love dearly.

Amongst the things that really piss me off are laziness, weakness, stupidity, waste and complacency.

These things are replete in our SJW millennial-driven media entertainment landscape.

Large segments of the entertainment media who seem to think that only San Francisco, L.A. and New York’s pseudo-intellectuals, and young SJW left-wing drones matter, and only have sneering contempt for the rest of the country.

With that is this odd, angry, passive-aggressive culturcide, this desire to shit on all artistic and creative endeavors done far better in the past. An odd fixation to plagiarize and reboot rather than honor and build on what came before.

I’m all for a cash-grab, I’m a capitalist. But can’t they leave their armchair Socialist agendas at the door? And can’t the cash-grabs be done with creative integrity?

Mimic and douche

These tone-deaf fucktards piss away hundreds of millions of dollars each year into media and films driving their “fashionable” socialist political agendas.

So-called socialists with multi-million dollars homes in the Hamptons, as long as it’s not their money of course, or SJW, as long as it’s not the multiple drug offenders from the hood living next door to their Greenwich Village flats or said Hamptons mansions.

Oh, dear me… was I raving? How does this translate to the two most horrifically shitty and disappointing mega franchises in cinema today and perhaps cinematic history?

Well in case of Star Wars, the people running said franchise have let their ultra-liberal, personal political agendas and, or, a reluctance to realize that they are deliberately pissing off the respective fanbase and, or, laziness and, or, stupidity destroy the greatest franchise in cinematic history.

Yeesh, what a bunch of dumbfucks, it’s not that difficult

With respect to the DC televised universe, their once engaging WB shows have become SJW fucktard soapboxes for the laziest and weakest of Millennials.

Besides Legends of Tomorrow, which by some magical accident is a terrific show with interesting and charismatic leads. Arrow, in particular, has become nauseatingly bad and has absolutely zero in common with the show’s original concept which was pure Dark Knight.

That’s a damn shame.

The ratings were far better but they insist on turning it into an SJW team-up procedural with an emphasis on romcom and they are riding that insistence straight into the ratings and creative shitter.

The Social Justice League

In the case of the steaming pile of shit that is the DC cinematic universe, it is rudderless, charmless, stupid and tone deaf on par with Kathleen Kennedy.

I must preference this by saying I really liked Wonder Woman. I think Gal Gadot has it. And I think despite some of the script holes, Patti Jenkins really gets it as a director. The rest, however, is epic levels of diarrhea. Apparently, only getting more runny with the laughably awful Aquaman trailer. Who made the decision to hire a known chronic alcoholic with a weight problem as their most important character in Batfleck?

Check out these sweet Bat Tatas

Who made the decision to destroy the character of Superman with a dour, piece of wood named Henry Cavill who has zero charisma and has to wear a ridiculous rubber muscle suit to pull of the physical stature of Superman?

For that matter how do you fucking ruin Superman?

Who decided to make Lex Luthor an annoying, nebbish, Silicon Valley parody?

How do you fuck up the Justice League? Justice League should have been the easiest layup in the history of the genre. How do you fuck up every single film, continually making the same ridiculous mistakes each time?

How do any of these fucktards have jobs? How do they keep getting two hundred million dollar checks to make films? Who the fuck is making these decisions?

DCEU fanboys prefer the muscle suit 64% to 36%

Before we continue let me digress and remind you of what once was and is now.

This isn’t a matter of reluctance to accept change but when the change is the greatest in the history of cinema to a bucket of shit, well you get the point.

You will believe a man can fly
To a dickbag in a rubber muscle suit with this cutting-edge modern CGI to cleverly paint out his mustache
Forever and always
Do I even need to say anything?
To this?? Midgets with Woody Harrelson and Newbaca
Icons one and all
versus a grumpy asshole sellout and a bunch of other assholes on a real A1 asshole’s talk show
More of JJs creative genius. Man is he an original artistic force




From the pages of the comics…
…to Hot Topic
The most earnest and good hero in the history of fantasy cinema reduced to this stupid sullen asshole

I could go on for days

I think you get the point. But whose a bigger disappointment?  What blows worse, whose the bigger fuckup?

Personally, my vote goes to Star Wars.

It clearly is the dearest cinematic franchise to… well… about everyone! The destruction and scatting on that which came before is clearly more egregious.

At least the DCEU is sold as a reboot.

JJ completely ripped off the entire Star Wars: A New Hope script beat for beat and sold it as the “original” continuation of the saga.

But Superman is a more important character to me personally and to see him utterly destroyed in such a manner reaaaaaaally pisses me off, so it’s a tough one.

But then again JJ, Rian and Kathleen actually destroyed Luke Skywalker, quite an achievement to destroy the truest example of good and optimism in Science Fiction.

I could have included Star Trek but we’ll save that one for another day.

Let’s hear what you have to say. Please discuss.