Inside Jokes, Fred Savage And A Gentler Merc

Here’s a chance in a lifetime for you to take your kid to see Deadpool at the theater. It might even be a chance for you to go see it again for… like the 14th-time!


Once Upon A Deadpool arrives on December 12, only seven months after Deadpool 2’s debut, but it appears to include just enough new content to entice series fans to hit theaters one more time.

The biggest difference is a festive storyline starring Fred Savage, who has been tied down by Deadpool and trapped in a Princess Bride-style bedroom and hints this may be the first Special Edition of a movie that doesn’t greatly shame all involved. Fingers crossed, anyway.


Morena Baccarin kindly posted the trailer to her twitter:

Once Upon A Deadpool is out in select theaters on December 12.