That’s the Museum of the Moving Image

Back in February, a friend of mine took in the 2001: A Space Odyssey exhibit at MoMI in New York City and got some photos.

With the upcoming release of the Kubrick On Kubrick documentary, I figured some of you shut-ins would like to check out what is there.

I’ve also included some professional photographs from some of the articles on the opening on the exhibit but most of them are from his personal collection.

The Scope

The first thing I noticed about his photos is how huge the exhibit is. MoMI, which is actually located in Astoria, Queens, went all of for this thing.

It’s enough to make you want to move to the big city, isn’t it?

Letters & Production Notes

How is all began — Kubrick’s letter of introduction to Arthur C. Clarke. 

The first thing I noticed is how precise his objectives are. Imagine Jar Jar Abrams writing a letter like this. 

This appears to be a treatment or script summary. But look how big it is.

Read how detailed it is — if you can! I’m trying to get some larger images now.

I like the idea of not being armed during First Contact is a Machiavellian technique.

Everyone was worried about what IBM would think about HAL, which is an acronym only one letter off from IBM.

Again, I’m trying to get higher resolution / bigger photos. I’m really interested in what these say. This is the secret sauce of Hollywood right here. 

Sketches & Cells

I think this is the setup for filming the wormhole sequence. 

This sketch reminds us that there is one thing missing from many Kubrick movies — brilliant colors. 

Props & Set Photos

Reactions & Kubrick

Finally, Something For You Comic Dorks

What Did Stanley Mean By This?