The final scene of Gladiator will never be seen again. 

  • Sacrifice for his fellow man
  • The on-screen inspiration of children by a man who kills
  • The feminine respect for the warrior class
  • 100% belief and realization of an afterlife

I could go on and on about this scene.

You know, I listened to this book one time, it was about how we went in and dug out the Imperial Japanese on all those fucking islands. It was called With The Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa.

And that is what Gladiator is: the old breed of filmmaking. We’re going to try to cover more of these people at Film Goblin.

Russel Crowe. Ridley Scott. They will never be seen again. 

“Now we are free. I’ll see you again. BUT not yet. Not yet.”