Finally, a movie for us, by us, is getting the recognition it deserves.

  • $95 million open at the box office — biggest ever open in October! 
  • 92% verified rating on Rotten Tomatoes!
  • 9.1 on IMDb!
  • No theater shootings!

Way To Go, Manbabies!

Make sure your voice is heard on this once-in-a-generation, voice-of-a-generation masterpiece!

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Hot Takes Incoming!

While no writer here at Film Goblin has yet reviewed this ode to white terrorists, sad clowns, Trump voters and the lost art of pantomime, here is what some of our favorite people are saying.

Ya Boi Zack

Ya Boi Zack (Spoilers)

Based Black Guy #2 (Spoilers)

Wild-Eyed, Crazy Gracy

Wild-Eyed, Crazy Gracy (Spoilers)


(D)iversity, (I)nclusion, (C)ompassion, (K)indness & Comics

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