2015’s Antman was more fun than it rightly deserved to be. I saw it three times. Twice with a date and twice while at one of those “adult” theaters where they serve beer and Fireball shots. Maybe that is why it had so many laughs?

Either way, coming directly on the heels of a self-important Avengers II: Age Of Ultron, it was just the antidote the box office needed for the somber and lethal (yet bloodless) world-ending comic book movies we’d been getting.

There was humor, action and a flawed, humbled, ex-con hero that opened our story as the low-man-on-the-totem-pole at a Baskin Robbins.

Plus our guy had a crew of wise-cracking, criminally-minded compatriots that had some hilarious banter.

“Baskin Robbins always finds out, bro.”

“Baskin Robbins don’t play.”

Did I mention “humor”? Well, it seemed really funny after two Delrium Tremens.

Now, three years later – post Captain America : Civil War shenanigans – Antman, his girl (who now has her own power suit) and old Antman are on the run from the authorities.

Other than that I can’t really tell what Ant-Man And The Wasp is about.

But i’m positive it’s going to be funny. “Sober funny”? Not sure. Have a look :

Embiggened Hello Kitty PEZ dispenser coming at ya!

Evacuate the city, engage all defenses and get this Goblin a beer…

Low Dog was a great Lakota Sioux war chief who once slew 13 soldiers in hand-to-hand combat in a single battle. In the tradition of the Apache helicopter and the Washington Redskins, his spirit has returned to terrify his enemies. May he be so fortunate to slay as many shills in this lifetime as he slew soldiers in that one afternoon.


  1. “He’s a lovable mensch. She’s an uptight graduate of Vassar. Together, they’re
    Antman and The W.A.S.P.” Coming to NBS this fall.

  2. Looks like appropriately light fare to follow up Infinity War.

    Having said that, I don’t know why crooks don’t use an anteater to fight Ant-Man.

  3. I’m an admitted Marvel zombie, but even I have to call foul with the “tech explains everything” angle. We need more superpowers in the MCU. I know, weird, since we have the big green guy and Thor and Scarlet Witch. But hear me out.

    Wasp not having the ability to do stinger blasts naturally obviates the need for lame jokes that defy logic like the one in this trailer. You don’t ask someone to risk their life without giving them a weapon you could easily provide. I also see no reason why Ant-Man always has a convenient flying ant nearby when Wasp just has the wings built into in her suit. Why not add them to his suit too? Making it a power explains the uniqueness.

    Same with Falcon. Redwing being a drone is absurd. Why doesn’t he have 2 drones, Redwing 1 and Redwing 2? Yes, there’s a Seuss joke somewhere in there. Why not 10? Why doesn’t everyone on the team have 10 Redwings? Why does Widow only get to steal Mockingbird’s gear when Wasp gets stingers and Falcon gets drones? Since Hawkeye is also good with darts and golf, why not give him a pair of stingers too?

    Simple solution if we make it power based. Not only was the Falcon program too deadly for test pilots, but the military also experimented with psychic connections to birds so that pilots with only one ocular focal point could learn how to fly by bonding with birds who had two ocular focal points. This, of course, drove most test subjects insane, except for Sam and his bud.

    There. that would be a reason for Sam to be unique. A reason for Sam needing to use wings instead of an Iron Man suit. And we also would have had a living non-human character in the form of an actual falcon, Redwing, that would have presented a level of risk and lots of fun character driven opportunities not unlike Groot.

    As for Hawkeye, you keep his skill limited to the bow instead of turning him into Bullseye, the other eye meat. Problem solved.

    but I’m all talk. My butt is already in the seat, it just doesn’t know it yet.

    • I imagine it is because the MCU was built to ignore mutants. It will probably change if the Fox sale goes through.

    • Isn’t that kinda what Age of Ultron was about? When Tony makes too many of anything, it potentially can get hacked or become sentient and destroy the world. So if everybody gets 10 Redwings, suddenly you have Marvel’s version of the Birds happening and there’s civilian blood everywhere.

      • No, I didn’t get that at all. I got that when Tony invents sentient inorganic life, it may develop callous regard to organic life.

        If, as you suggest, Tony’s lesson was that his inventions are the problem, then he wouldn’t keep doing it. He wouldn’t keep inventing tech for friends like Rhodey and strangers like Pete, and the end of IM3 would still be canon.


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