Avril Lavigne has a lot of things to answer for but this is not one of them.

She has just called out failed pop singer Brie Larson and let it be known that she is unquestionably superior in both talent and being receptive to courtesy.

The timing is unquestionable.

Her first video in seven years right at the time Brie releases her movie trailer?

The subtext is unavoidable.

Arvil is also telling Mrs. Larson that she would have been a better Captain Marvel than a nasty woman with no facial expressions.

If only life in the Nine Realms were fair we would have a Captain Marvel that we deserved for watching 20 of your movies. They weren’t all good, Kevin! They weren’t!

We deserve someone to match the charisma of our first Captain.

Our best Captain.

Our only Captain.


“Head Above Water”?

I also think she is telling us to avoid the Aquaman movie.

That is absolutely what she is doing. But you be the judge.

I believe you will come to the same conclusion that I did.

Mhatt, Now This Is Ironic

Never question our sincerity again, dear reader!