i like comic books.

i like cats.

i like karate.

4 out of 5 stars.

keep it cool,

ebob junior

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  1. New favorite Marvel flick. Been loving the crowds too. Meanwhile, I’m 99.9% sure that the Soul Gem is in the sand chamber they used to talk to their ancestors, and, as someone mentioned on the old site, Spidey’s symbiote costume will make an appearance in INFINITY WAR.

        • i hope thats what they do. it would be too weird to have a symbiote in avegners and a different symbiote in venom at the same time. like when scarlett witch and quicksliver were in avegners and x-men its just awkward.

          • At least that can be explained by the split Marvel/Fox rights for the Maximovs, who where both X-Men and Avengers. Now that Disney owns both, I expect the worlds to get even more connected. Now if only Disney could pry the Hulk away from Universal completely.

      • It has to, and I’d be shocked if Marvel and Sony didn’t account for that, even briefly, in IW. Also a great way to further integrwte VENOM and the Spidey storyline into the MCU, which they clealy want.

    • those are some good predictions but I don’t see how you can say this movie is anywhere near the top tier of Marvel movies.

        • Yeah, but that formula has been 1. Character is granted power. 2. Character is thrust into unfamiliar circumstances. 3. Character struggles to reach goal, and initially falters. 4. Discovering a better value system, character finally succeeds.

          That describes tons of movies (or books, or stories in any other medium), not just the MCU.

    • The way tribal culture was handled in this movie was embarrassing, even to an Irish man.

      None of the design aesthetics made much sense. It was very distracting for me. I bet a woman was in charge.

      • Disney has a collection of African American actors that will gladly play along with this shit.

        I can’t wait to hear the glowing reviews of Captain Marvel, who is a marks a turning point in modern cinema and it’s portrayal of women (with the help of Lexus to usher this new age)

        I don’t mind the movie. However, It is laughable when it is made to be a cultural event rather than a popcorn movie.

      • I don’t think that sending the White Rhinos into battle is the ideal way of keeping them or the culture alive.

        It that is the case, I am surprised that the Avengers weren’t going at it with stone weapons, just to keep their culture alive 🙂

        Your rhino dog is on order. Tracking number will be available shortly.

  2. Disney presents the Special Edition of this movie. Black Panther: Spear Chucker Edition. Because even though Chloe Bennett loves the movie, Disney still used 70 year old African tropes.

  3. I don’t read comic books anymore and I don’t care for comic book movies that aren’t the original Superman, two Sam Rami Spider-Mans and the Dark Knight.. But Jr. You’ve sold me, buddy. I’m gonna see this now.


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