The more I think about this cat, the more I hate it. 

If you haven’t read my Captain Marvel review, then do it! I’ll wait. 

As I said in the review, I don’t know where that damn cat came from. It’s actually a flerken (flurken? Flercun? whatever) which looks like a cat but has alien tentacle face that can swallow Kree soldiers whole. But that’s not what bothered me. 

Yeah but is it litter box trained?

It’s that they turned Nick Fury into a damn soyboy. 

You’ve seen em. With their cats and their beards and their beta-male features.

God almighty. Fury goes running around the Kree ship holding this cat which does all his fighting for him. So we’ve turned this:

into this:

Maybe I WAS too easy on this movie. No one soys my man Sam.