With Avengers: Infinity War being released on April 27, you can already hear the groundswell begin. Black Panther exploded onto the scene with a genius marketing campaign from Disney and the obvious Marvel quality film making. It’s only a matter of time before you start seeing the merchandising tie-ins and Hollywood marketing push.

Although these movies are selling themselves around the world at this point so they really don’t need much help. They are everywhere and each movie they make is basically an advertisement for the next entry. They can just sit back and watch the train go.

Avengers: Infinity War at AMC
Hmm I have all these blurb boxes to put in but only so much space…Oh Hi, Hawkeye!

Now AMC is trying it’s best to hop aboard the money train that is Marvel. AMC Theaters is planning a massive 31 hour marvel movie marathon leading up to The Avengers: Infinity War. The specific dates and titles have not been released but with only 31 hour scheduled and 38 total hours of Marvel movies available, one can assume a few Marvel movies are going to be left out of this viewing. *cough Hulk cough* It will be interesting to see which other superheros will be left out in the cold as well. Spiderman: Homecoming? Iron Man 3?

Do you guys have what it takes to watch 31 hours of Marvel superhero movies? AMC is hoping you do. Dates for this marathon should be available as we get closer to Infinity War. Check out their website for more details as they are made available.

AMC Theaters
AMC: May your butts be numb and unmolested!