Looking Back

Remember back when Black Panther was due and early tracking figures just kept going up?  Eventually it scored around double what the first tracking figures said it would.

Look for history to repeat itself with Avengers: Infinity War.  Marvel’s fast approaching juggernaut is showing a similar pattern.

First tracking figures came out with the domestic opening weekend at the box-office looking to hover around $200 million.  This was about on par with the first Avengers.

California Raisin’s new mascot took their brand in a different direction

It’s massive.  There is not a lot I wouldn’t do for $200M.  However, that was slightly less than the recent opening for Black Panther. But as our own box office guru Low Dog pointed out back in January, the roof is the ceiling for these Marvel Cinematic Universe releases.

Going Forward

Enlightened Goblins knew this was only going one way.  Of course, Black Panther at the start of it’s pre-release journey was tracking to get only around half of what it eventually made.

With box office like this, Thanos can afford even more bling!

Well, what a surprise!  Now Fandango reports that, according to pre-sales figures two weeks out from release, the film isn’t just ahead of previous Marvel Studios records at the same point in the cycle, it is destroying all records.

It is not only selling twice as many tickets as Black Panther.  It has ALREADY pre-sold more tickets than the last seven Marvel movies combined!  It went past Furious 7 to become Fandango’s top all-time April pre-seller TWO WEEKS AGO!

Avengers: Infinity War” opens on April 27th.  You are going to see it.  I am going to see it.  Everyone you know is going to see it.  Then we are going to come here and talk about it.

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