We’re The Guardians of the Galaxy, Bitch

Chris Pratt 1
Does Starlord Have Two Daddies? Mark Hamill might be joining him on the next outing of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.

Mark Hamill may be joining Chris Pratt and company in James Gunn’s next outing of the Guardians of the Galaxy. I don’t know that he’s going to be, or that he would be playing Luke Skywalker. Okay, well, I know he won’t be playing Luke Skywalker. But after his ignominious send-off in The Last Jedi, it will be nice to see Mark Hamill in some fun sci-fi/fantasy again.

Mark Hamill Should Be Adam Warlock!

And say what you will about GoTG or GoTG2, I found both of them more watchable and engaging and less generally offensive than The Last Jedi. But the one thing I liked about The Last Jedi was Mark Hamill’s performance as he did everything an actor could possibly do to make Rian Johnson and company’s poorly-written version of Luke complete his poorly-conceived arc. Put another way: Rian and company did not do their jobs on that movie, or did a very bad job of doing their jobs, but Mark Hamill still managed to create a performance that knocked it out of the park.

Mark Hamill in Guardians of the Galaxy
Mark Hamill turns in a great performance as Luke Skywalker in a film that did not deserve him.

So while I’m not excited about seeing another Star Wars film churned out by the current stewards of that once-beloved franchise, I’m very interested in seeing Mark Hamill in space again.

Anyhoo, it’s still very nascent, mostly just a Twitter thing now (Twitter = News in 2018!):

I would love to see Hamill do Adam Warlock. Definitely want to see him in the next GoTG3.

Many have made the point the Guardians of the Galaxy is Star Wars for the next generation. I don’t disagree, and would love to see some old faces from the OT to “hand the baton” in a proper manner . . . as opposed to what The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi gave us.

What do you think?

More info at /Film here.



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