Stay On Target…

Ten years. 18 movies. That’s an awful lot of asses in an awful lot of seats. And what hath Marvel’s efforts wrought? Not only a cohesive, cinematic playground of heroes and gods and talking raccoons, but a global box office totaling 14.8 BILLION DOLLARS† This is an astounding achievement on every front.


Infinity War Movie Robert Downey Jr Thank You
You’re welcome

In Order To Form A More Perfect Union…

And so Marvel put together a video “Thank You” card, with various cast members stating their gratitude to — and for — the fans. A nice move. First class.

As I said before: I’m going to see this. You’re going to see this. Those suffering from superhero fatigue‡ are going to see this. All to the (easy) tune of a $200 million opening weekend. Domestic.

Excelsior indeed.

Avengers: Infinity War begins assembling its mountains of millions April 27th. If you haven’t already seen it, you can check out the latest TV trailer here.

Cider out.

†via The Numbers
‡Aka Tedious Bowel Syndrome