So with all the Avengers talk lately, there’s something that always has bothered me about the first Avengers movie. It’s a little thing but it’s also really morbid and crazy.

I’m not sure why no one seems to have noticed this. Yet it is the moment that could be the entire reason the rest of the MCU unfolded the way it did.

So after Coulson was killed and the heroes are understandably dejected, Fury throws bloody Captain America trading cards on the table. This is the catalyst they needed to push forward. To be The Avengers! 

Indeed, it was Tony who told Loki “There’s one other guy you pissed off. His name was Phil!” before blasting him into the wall. Coulson meant something to these people.

Maria Hill makes an observation to Fury. “Sir, those cards weren’t in his jacket, they were in his locker.” To which Fury replies “They needed a push.”

Wait. What. WUT?!!

So Fury ran up to Coulson’s locker on that giant ass helicarrier, grabbed the cards, went back down to Coulson’s still warm body, ran the cards through his still bubbling wound, ran back up to wherever Tony and Steve were and tossed these still dripping with blood cards onto the table.

Now that’s some dark twisted shit. The Avengers, the entirety of the MCU going forward was because Nick Fury is a lunatic psychopath.

Maybe I shouldn’t have put that into your brains. Sorry.