Aquaman? Really?

As a kid, part of the Saturday morning ritual was to get a big bowl of whatever sugary cereal that was in the house and crank up the TV cartoons.

Like any typical kid, watching Super Friends was part of that routine. Despite being a pretty crappy show with neutered action, there was not much else to watch.

Hanna-Barbera thought that adding Wendy, Marvin and Wonder Dog would help connect us kids with the Super Heros, boy was they wrong!

Meanwhile At The Hall of Lameness…

Seems child-friendly…

So lame even his name wants to autocorrect…

DC/WB Unleashing A Tsunami Of Fail Dec 21

Now that WB has pretty much destroyed Batman and Superman, time to dip into that well to try again. First, up will be Orin/Authur Curry in Aquaman.

As usual, WB will once again attempt to “harden” this somewhat lame character from the cartoon. Yes, I am aware of his lore in the comics, but if you never read them, how much exposure did you get of him? Super Friends will probably be your answer.

They Could Have Gone Several Ways w/ Him

Dave Bautista must have been busy…
Dude, get some Visine!
Now I’m In The Traditional Colors, Better?

Do you know where we can find real Super Heros?

What Happened To Marvin, Wendy & Mutt?

The characters of Wendy, Marvin, and Wonder Dog were introduced to the DC Comics Universe over 30 years later in Geoff John’s ‘Teen Titans’ series around 2006. Marvin would be subsequently killed off (by a rabid Wonder Dog, no less) and Wendy made paraplegic by the writer who took over after Johns left the title two years later.

Interest Is Just About Zero With Me

Aquaman Swims Into Theaters On December 21st

I Guess It Could Be Worse?