You Might Be Done With China Virus Memes…

…but China Virus memes aren’t done with you.

Yes, they are pretty hack at this point. We’re all at home all the time staring at social media all the time, so these memes are a part of the zeitgeist now.

You really only need one meme to understand this whole hoax:

But we still have to entertain you

Therefore, I’ve delved deeply, but not too greedily, into the secret meme stashes where Redditards dare not to click in order to bring you only the best China Virus memes.

And we have the best memes, don’t we folks?

Some more observant readers might notice that Sunday Satire is now Monday Memes.

Well, Sunday just got a new feature, Sci-Fi Sundays and Monday Memes just sounds a lot more accurate and much cooler than Sunday Satire. 

No satire, only memes now!


Your Obligatory Weather Witch Meme

Your Obligatory Epstein Meme

Your Obligatory Kathleen Meme

Your Obligatory Bernie Meme

Your Obligatory Insane SJW Meme

Your Obligatory Based Black Guy Meme

Doing More With Less, In The Dickensian Sense

We’ll try to keep Monday Memes going as long as possible but we are really scraping the bottom of the barrel. I think we’ve done twenty or thirty of these things.

If you have any ideas for memes, let us know in the comments.

No, we’re not doing Harry Potter memes.

Fuck you, go away.