NPCNN Headline News

Hello Peoplekind, we have a breaking story to share with you. There is a new assault on our freedom by our fascist overlords, the NPC Meme. What we are about to share may be disturbing for some viewers, you may need to go to your safe space.

Also, there is big money in these NPC memes. You can win 10,000 portions for making the best NPC meme. Details at end of post.

We Will Do Our Part To Inform You Of This Threat

The Great Late Night Hosts Are In This Fight Too


The Brave Womyn Of The View
Late Night Leader
Other Media Outlets Supporting This Fight
Remember, Harry Potter is real…

One Of The Greatest Political Minds Of Our Time Is On Our Side
Twitter Has Responded To Our Plight
Celebrities Have Joined the NPC Resit Fight!

Sports Heros As Well
The Nazis Are Even Attacking Our Cultural Icons
And Holidays!



Fascists Deface Private Property





Loyal Resistance Fighters We May Have Been Hacked!


Got a good idea for an NPC meme? You could win $10,000 from the bad tan-man at InfoWars! Supermale Vitality bad! Impotency natural state for soyboy!

Remember… there is always “hope”.