This Is It, Boys

This is going to be the last Sunday Satire for a while, maybe forever.

I’m simply out of memes.

All of these memes are ones I’ve picked up in my travels through social media. 

It’s been a very spontaneous process. When I see a cool meme that will be good for the site, I snag it, simple as that.

I’ve never once typed “Star Wars memes” into a search engine because that’s just lame and the definition of a forced meme.

For now, this is the remaining contents of my movie-memes folder.

Not all of these are technically memes, some are just maximum alt-life douche-chills and others are warnings from history.

If someone else, some anonymous Goblinite, wishes to pick up the mantle of Meme Master let him come forth so that responsibility may be lain upon him.

You do know what responsibility is, don’t you, Goblin?

You’ve seen others with it.


WARNING [non-meme]: This is who we are trusting with our entertainment future
WARNING [non-meme]: And this is who they are making entertainment for
WARNING [non-meme]: And this is who is judging the entertainment

WARNING [non-meme]: This is Nicky from Casino

WARNING [non-meme]: Anderson Cooper laughing at the Dave Chappelle special

WARNING [non-meme]: Just a cool miniature.
WARNING [non-meme]: Trollus Shitlord Maximus makes Black Panther white & gay. Click to enlarge.

WARNING [non-meme]: Attention-seeking fangoo

And The Last Of The Star Wars Memes

WARNING [non-meme]: You now have cancer.

WARNING [non-meme]: You now have AIDS.

WARNING [non-meme]: Our Princess Never Was One

WARNING [non-meme]: She was a home-wrecking party girl that got passed around like breadsticks.

I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I have. Perhaps someone will step up.

Until that day then.