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Today we are going to look at two major stories from the past week and how the so-called “journalists” dropped the ball. Two major stories without first proving that they were real.

Of course, they were not.

Catholic school teens doxxed despite being the victims of a hate group and a liar.

How this started:

An online video that appeared to show a group of Covington Catholic boys in “Make American Great Again” hats mocking a Native American protester as he beat a ceremonial drum at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington on Friday. Subsequent videos showed a more complicated three-way confrontation, involving a cluster of men calling themselves the Black Hebrew Israelites who hurled insults at the boys and the Native Americans.

News and Social Media sites could not contain themselves as they had “actual MAGA hat racists” on video. Time to go after Trump again!



The students were initially believed to be harassing the protester, Nathan Phillips, following the March for Life rally in Washington, D.C.

Subsequent video footage, however, revealed that the students were accosted and yelled at before Phillips and other Native American activists approached them. Another group — the so-called Black Hebrew Israelites — were heard shouting abuse at the students for wearing “Make America Great Again” hats.

Some students and their families are reportedly considering taking legal action against media outlets for their inaccurate reporting of the incident.

It was also discovered that the “strong dignified Native American” is an out and out liar, not only about the events during the rally but also his military record.

Fake News reports yet again that US President Trump’s days are numbered after a false report from Buzzfeed was posted January 17th. The story ran rampant for 24 hours before it was dismissed as a fake story.


Fox Insider Reports:

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office on Friday issued an extraordinary statement disputing a bombshell news report that claimed President Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie about the timing of discussions over a proposed Trump Tower project in Moscow.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley sought to cast doubt on a bombshell report that President Trump directed his then-personal attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress. 

The allegations were detailed in a BuzzFeed report published Thursday night. It cited two unnamed federal law enforcement officials involved in an investigation on the matter who said Cohen acknowledged to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office that he was instructed by Trump to lie to Congress in 2017 about discussions of a proposed Trump Tower project in Moscow.

The report, which has not been confirmed by Fox News, said Mueller’s office first learned of the directive from interviews with witnesses from the Trump Organization and internal company email, text messages and documents. It also said that Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. were briefed with regular details about the real estate deal from Cohen.

House Democrats have seized on the report, but Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani dismissed it, saying, “If you believe Cohen, I can get you a great deal on the Brooklyn Bridge.”

On “America’s Newsroom” Friday, Gidley questioned BuzzFeed’s credibility, noting that was the outlet that released the unverified Trump-Russia dossier.

He also pointed out that one of the authors of the new report, Anthony Cormier, admitted on CNN Friday that he had not “personally” seen the evidence underlying the report.

“This is, quite frankly, the problem with the press and the reason why the president continues to call them ‘fake news’ repeatedly,” Gidley said. “There is nothing in that piece that can be corroborated.”

In an MSNBC interview Friday, co-author of the report Jason Leopold said he had seen the documents in question and is ‘very confident in our reporting..’

Keep it up guys, you are really doing a great job of showing how bad you really are.