It’s the End of the Decade

Well, we all made it to the end of the second decade of the 21st century and a few things didn’t happen globally, but still could:

  1. We didn’t launch World War 3.
  2. We didn’t have another 9/11 level terrorist attack in America.
  3. We didn’t have another 2008 style global economic meltdown.
  4. We didn’t have a plague of locusts pop up.
  5. We didn’t see the rise of artificial intelligence begin to slaughter useless humans.
  6. We didn’t see the Earth flip its polarity and have all of our electronics go haywire globally.
  7. We didn’t experience an alien invasion that united the globe in an era of world war followed by world peace and global space travel.
  8. We didn’t experience Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Netflix becoming one entity.
  9. We didn’t get a United Nations one-world, New World Order, style government with a mark that everyone has to take in order to buy or sell.
  10. We didn’t get communism back.

And that’s just ten.

So, for your edification, here are our top ten Sunday Satires for 2019.

Sunday Satire: Soyllette, The Best A Ma’am Can Get

Sunday Satire: News Fails From The Past Week

Sunday Satire: Time To Run Train On Former Bartender AOC

Sunday Satire: Justice For Jussie Smollett! Wait, What???

Sunday Satire: Hypocritical Hollywood Strikes Again

Sunday Satire: Looks Like Disney’s Mickey Caught A Fox

Sunday Satire: Get A Rise With These STAR WARS Memes


Sunday Satire: I.N.C.E.L. Victorious As Twitter-Backed Forces Surrender

Sunday Satire: Things We Lost In The Franchise

Sunday Satire: Tonight, An AUSTERE RELIGIOUS SCHOLAR Died In Barisha

Sunday Satire: A PRESIDENT Was IMPEACHED Last Night

Eh. What the hell, that’s twelve of them.

Have a great 2020 and a great next decade.