Are All You Boojahideen Ready?

Usually, Sunday Satire just covers silly memes but ever since the #RealityCanceled happening, we’ve been taking a more serious look at the world around us.

If you want straight-up grins and giggles, head over to the memes.

If you want to be ready for what could go down, keep reading.

Because This Is It

We are closer to true every-man-for-himself mayhem then we have ever been and are likely to ever be, at least in your lifetime.

Those of you who live in the United States need only look at one chart:

Half of the Country is Below 100 IQ

You, as a college-educated, white-collar professional, have likely never dealt with anyone under 105 to 110, let alone someone with a 90 IQ.

Let me tell you something about the other half, the dumb half — they will kill.

They will get in a situation where they can’t think clearly, where they panic or become enraged and they will go to violence. They will rock-and-roll at the drop of a hat.

In a Nation With 300 Million Guns

Divorced white moms will say this is racist.

You have to be prepared for what is coming when the supply chains break down, when the police leave the streets to protect their own families, when the only thing between a pack of savage raiders and your colloidal silver is the judicious use of force.

Film Goblin has taught you about choosing a home defense firearm, about everyday carries, about how to get strong and how to fight.

Now, in conjunction with Hard Style™, we will teach you how to fight a war.

These are not so much memes as they are an instructional manual on how to prevail.

Like this.
Not like this.

The Scene In Question

This is Also a Good Example

If you can get past the movie itself.

Keep Those Actions Clear, Gentlemen

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