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We are going to do something a little different this time around. I want to share with you some backstory on the director of this ad propaganda piece.

How Kim Gehrig got the job:

“The commission for Gehrig was itself consciously social activism on the part of P&G, who found her through Free the Bid, a non-profit which tries to raise the profile of female and non-white advertising directors.

Somesuch’s portfolio shows that it shares Gehrig’s socially active approach, with notable campaigns that include Audi’s feminist 2017 Super Bowl commercial and an ad for feminine hygiene brand Libresse – which is sold as Bodyform in the UK – that offered a no-holds barred look at menstruation – including shots of blood and period sex.”

Quote from Panjak Bhalla, AKA, the ‘man’ that destroyed Gillette.

Now let’s have some fun:

Of course, the Internet exploded:

Savaged on YouTube now at 1.1 million dislikes!

As of this afternoon!

George seems to forget that the proponents of this Gillette ad want to flush actual children down the toilet!
Damn, Piers Morgan and James Wood on the same page!

SoyBoy Alert!

Let the Memes begin!

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