Yeah, We’re Sick Of It Too

The Film Goblin Board of Editors met this morning with one goal in mind: prevent another Star Wars-themed Sunday Satire.

Clearly we’ve failed. Not only because there is nothing bigger in genre culture right now but because no other genre community can make fucking memes.

What the hell, Dungeons & Dragons people?

What are you doing with yourselves, gamers?


Seriously, there is no other hobby making good memes. I got twenty-five new Mandalorian memes in the last week! I won’t post them here, visit The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda meme article if you are interested in seeing those new ones. 

Our other two topics were down to pitbull memes and generic movie memes.

Pitbull memes. The only thing lower is Tinder slut memes. 

I apologize if you have seen any of these before — hell, a lot of these aren’t even memes — but it’s like the Siege of Saleucami over here!

If you have any ideas for meme themes, you must contact me.

Until that day, enjoy the last of the Star Wars memes. We swear.

Obligatory Epstein Meme

Obligatory Suffragette Meme

Obligatory Generic Movie Meme

Obligatory Pittbull Meme