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It was reported that on January 29, 2019 actor Jussie Smollett was a victim of a “hate crime”. Jussie, a gay Black American actor from the show Empire was hospitalized due to this attack.

Based on his statement to the Chicago Police Department, the news media went into meltdown mode and used this to further push their anti-Trump agenda.

Idiot politicians were jumping over each other to get Tweets out to condemn the action and to push their names out for the next General Election:

Then the celebtards had to also join in on this:

Who could not forget the rant from foul mouth ‘tard, Ellen Page?

The CPD and FBI were sent in to investigate this action and find those responsible:

BUT, there were A LOT of holes in Jussie’s story, nor would he provide the police with his phone records.

Now we are getting reports that this assault was rigged, it was all a lie! One report alleges that Jussie paid two men $3500 to buy rope and beat him up.

We will probably get the whole story very soon, for now, lets roast this liar.

Jussie, in case you are sent to prison for this: