Based on its failure at the box office, I’m assuming most of you didn’t see or at least didn’t pay to see The Rise Of Skywalker

Based on the number of bearded and bespectacled fansoys cooing over Baby Yoda on social media I’m assuming everyone saw The Mandalorian

They are both garbage but at least Lucasfilm’s cinematic attempts have the entertainment value of being fumbling incoherent clusterfucks.

The Mandalorian is an old whore who puts on a cheerleader’s uniform and jelly bracelets, thinking she’s going to give me a retro erection but then just lays there like my first wife. 

Oh, I’m sorry. Did I interrupt your session with that Baby Yoda fleshlight?

I guess this will have to do until you can get your “hands” on the official Lucasfilm version

At least we have the memes, even if we won’t understand most of them.

Sister… So, you have a twin sister.

This is unironic. Believe me. People really think like this.

Your Obligatory Clown World Meme

Your Obligatory “We Waste Our Lives Watching The Works Of Demon Worshippers” Meme

Your Obligatory WTF