You Know Why. You Know.


Well, this is all it took. The fandom who rejected a cute young boy and a cute young Gungun is falling all over themselves to let everyone know how “cute” they think the asset in The Mandalorian is.

Yes, I understand that both the kid and the amphibian frogfuck were annoying.

Well, I guess they solved that problem, didn’t they?

This is a great metaphor for the societal evolution of fandom and manhood over the last twenty years. Update: neither is headed in the right direction.

While episode 3 of the series finally started to behave like premium television, the entire enterprise is still fan service in the extreme. Now it’s descending into mawkish sentimentality and becoming literally one continual Pet The Dog take.

But at least the fanbasthe is unified!

Obligatory Regular Star Wars Meme

Obligatory Epstein Meme

Hahaha! That doesn’t count. Here is a real, genuine JEDKH meme:

Obligatory Weather Witch Meme

Obligatory Cutting Edge Meme

Yep, this is what all the kids are doing, the “Telling My Kids” meme. It kind of runs out of steam after ten or fifteen so it doesn’t merit its own article but here are a few of the top shelf attempts:

If you don’t know who Whoa Yicky is then you, my friend, don’t know crap about life and why the fuck are you wasting my precious time with your questions?

I don’t have any use for it. I don’t have any bloody use for it.