We Know Why. We Know.

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Just when you thought we were going to push the Epstein memes into the mainstream and bring down the entire globalist, new world order of private equity groups and Moloch-worshipping pedophiles, the Deep State activated their own memetic warriors. 

What they delivered was the perfect combination of what the internet hates — bottle-blonde Affluent White Female Liberals — and what the internet loves — cats.

At least most of the internet. At a card-carrying contrarian, I don’t like cat. Although I did own a white one named Yayo for a while until I gave him away to a lawyer who was into pole dancing. But that’s a good question for another time.

The Shadow Factory even came up with a false history for the A.W.F.L. Yells At Cat meme, which almost feels authentic. 

But we know better, don’t we, boyos?

Obligatory Epstein Meme

Obligatory Weather Witch Meme

Obligatory Star Wars Meme