This Is All Going To Be Pretty Much The Same Meme, Isn’t It?

Sunday Satire is back just in time to still claim to have actually occurred on a Sunday.

First off, this was a bad topic. Conan really only had two movies and is really only known to normopaths for one line, the one that begins with the question, “What is best in life?”

But I wasn’t going to use that as an excuse. I’m not going to quit on Conan and I’m not going to quit on the Goblins, either.

So I’ve decided to fill out the post with other interesting Conan stuff including some of this team-ups with Marvel comics and other super-heroes and a couple quotes from Conan author, Robert E. Howard.

That guy seemed like he was a little bit fed up with all of your shit, Heather.

If you have any other Conan memes, post them in the comments below. And next week… how about we do something easy like Close Encounters Of The Third Kind memes?

Thanks to HTR for this one!