Welcome to another edition of our recurring feature here at FilmGoblin:  NERD FIGHT!

How it works is really simple:  A movie-related central supposition or motion is proposed, and then everyone everywhere can go full geek and debate that motion.

The only rules are:

  1. Stay on topic.
  2. No personal attacks / don’t be a dick!
  3. Have fun.
This is what Nerd Fight looks like… in our minds.

The Motion

This Nerd Fight topic is proposed by longtime Goblin and one-time contributor, Poo P. Pants.  

Mr. Pants does not subscribe to conventional wisdom. He is a renegade. His own Australian Shitposting Man with his own ideas. And this is what he thinks.

His Specific Supposition Is This:

The Last Jedi is not as bad as everyone says. In fact, it’s better than The Force Awakens.

Wait… what?  

He Expands His Hypothesis:

Imagine for a second you’re a little indie filmmaker and you’ve just scored the job of making a Star Wars film. How exciting. The catch is you’re second in line and you have to continue from where the first one leaves off.

Sort of like those old school games on long car trips, where you’d create a story with your friends with everyone offering a sentence in turn.

So JJ makes his Episode VII and all he does is basically remake Episode IV. He gives no notes and no grand vision. He doesn’t even explain little things in his own stupid movie like:

  • How did Poe get off the planet and back to his underground fleet?
  • How did Han Solo watch a planet light years away explode in real time?
  • “A story for another time.” ???

Gimme a break!

So here you are, you’ve been left to continue a story where Han Solo is dead, no hint at Rey’s lineage, no info on who Snoke is and absolutely nothing of who or what the First Order and The Resistance even are.

All you’ve got is Luke Skywalker in exile, Rey seeking him out for training and elderly coked-out Leia acting all General and stuff in her jacket and 1977 hair bun.

“OK, Rian — Go!”

Pop quiz!  What do you do? What do you do?


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