Welcome to another edition of our recurring feature here at FilmGoblin:  NERD FIGHT!

How it works is really simple:  A movie-related central supposition or motion is proposed, and then everyone everywhere can go full geek and debate that motion.

The only rules are:

  1. Stay on topic.
  2. No personal attacks / don’t be a dick!
  3. Have fun.
It’s on like Megalodon!

The Motion

This Nerd Fight topic is proposed by me, after drinking too much wine and getting sad about what people have done to one of the touchstones of my youth.

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The motion is this:

We have now reached a point where the bad – The Holiday Special, Droids & Ewok cartoons, two Ewok movies, The Phantom Menace, Attack Of the Clones, Revenge Of The Sith, half of The Clone Wars, half of Rebels, half of The Force Awakens, all of The Last Jedi – far, far outweighs the good – A New Hope, Empire, three quarters of Jedi and the other half of the rest of the stuff on the list above.

And now as we start on the approach path to Episode IX: Rise Of Skywalker we feel the final insult.  When the trailer played before Avengers: Endgame, in front of a pumped and engaged audience out for a good time at the movies, there was total silence before, from the darkness, a tut.  It is therefore with great sadness we declare:


That’s it.  There is nothing else to say.  Chip in, punch up and knock out below.  I don’t really care anymore.  I need another drink.  I am sad.

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