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It has been said that in times of great deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. When the threat of exposure becomes to great a challenge to the powers that be, look for their hands to be the ones that will shake the system first, and in the confusion advance agendas of self-preservation.

How that applies to this article I will leave to you.

But if you have any critical thinking skills left, please use them diligently.

Facts Are, Theatres Be Struggling!

Regal and AMC theatres have announced they will be reducing their theatre capacity by 50% in an effort to help stem the spread of the Coronavirus.

As of today March 14th through to the end of April ticket sales will be capped at half capacity.

To comply with states like California who have decreed public gatherings can consist of no more than 250 people, sales caps will likewise adhere, damn the 50% equation!

So that much is that.

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Social Distancing indeed!

Nice to have a virus scare to justify massive cutbacks and general market failings.

Be wise, we wary but don’t be a fool.

Also, if you need 400 rolls of toilet paper to survive a 14-day quarantine, you should have seen a doctor long ago.

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