I Wish It Was Rogue

Alright, so I don’t know how far along this is but there is a rumor that the Man of Steel, Henry Cavill, is being sought to play Wolverine in Captain Marvel 2

This seems legit for a couple of reasons. 

The first being the fact Wolverine will be teaming up with Captain Marvel in an upcoming comic due out in April. 


It’s poker night at Casa Danvers, and with Wolverine, Monica Rambeau, Spider-Woman, Hazmat, Jessica Jones and Ms. Marvel all in the game, Carol might just lose her shirt. But who – or what – is THE NEXUS and why is it ruining this much needed R&R!?!

32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

The second, both Cavill and the Rock were being courted by the super studio as recently as last April suggested the two could be playing opposite each other in the upcoming Black Panther sequel.

Now as I said, no one seems to have any legitimate information or even sources on this and it is most likely a ploy to keep Marvel in the news.

Black Panther 2 is set for release in May of 2022, and as of now, the only two cast members are Chadwick Boseman and Martin Freeman. 

Third, it comes from The Quartering, a fairly reliable YouTube channel that isn’t one that needs to traffick in clickbait rumors to make money:

Face It, She Needs The Help

Even though Captain Marvel made $1 billion globally, the working theory is that this was almost solely based on Marvel Studios marketing the movie as being critical to the resolution of the Thanos storyline in Avengers: End Game.

Spoiler alert: it wasn’t critical at all.

So Captain Marvel 2 might be a case of fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on… Oh My God, look at Brie Larson’s rack!

Brie Larson
I heard she was multi-talented but dammmmmn!

But I doubt Miss Larson will go for sexing-up her character, so…

Assuming for shits and giggs that the injection of Wolverine is a possibility, I think Cavill could do okay in the role made famous by Hugh Jackman. 

Butch him up, give him as few as lines a possible and make him wreck as much scenery as possible and I’ll buy it. 

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Just add claws and voila!

Well, not literally of course, but I may download a torrent.

Disney deserves even less of my money than it does of my attention.

Watch this space for updates as they come. 

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