The Absolute State Of It All

A lot of genre entertainment websites and personalities are reporting that Lucasfilm is thinking about creating a spinoff television series based on the Ahsoka Tano character.

Ahsoka, a fan favorite from Star Wars cartoons, will appear in Season 2 of The Mandalorian and be portrayed by Sin City actress Rosario Dawson.

What Is This Based On?

A single sentence fragment in a Heat Vision, an email newsletter that The Hollywood Reporter sends out every Friday.

Hey, kid, you wanna be a newsy? All you need to do is sub the Heat Vision newsletter!

What Is Going On?

The same thing that has always been going on with shitbait sites like We Got This Covered, Illuminerd and Geeks Worldwide, which is absolutely nothing of importance.

A deep dive into the veracity of these fake news genre sites is beyond the scope of this article but we are safe in saying that these websites have never been right.

And there is proof. Some hero, some anonymous Redditor, has taken the time to catalog all of the MCU “scoops” put out by a variety of online sources.

It is truly a selfless work of community service.

Film Goblin will be diving into this spreadsheet over the next couple of weeks in order to put these websites in their proper perspective and place.

It’s one thing to publish leaks we find of 4chan, it’s something else entirely to claim we have first-person reporting of insider access.

Here is a sexy pic of Rosario for all you non-readers out there.

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