What If, Peggy Carter and Ethan Hunt Worked Together?

Franchise action films that aren’t based in comic book super-heroics are a dying breed. You’ve got the Bourne series, Bond, John Wick and then there’s the big daddy of them all, Mission: Impossible.

From the “franchise that just won’t die” and that has grossed $3.57 billion worldwide, comes new information about a new team member/co-star/foil for Ethan Hunt, Peggy Carter.

No. Wait. Not quite.

Hayley Atwell, whose latest role of any note was as Peggy Carter in the Avengers films, Captain America and Agent Carter, has been offered a spot by writer Christopher McQuarrie on the next Mission Impossible sequel.

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@wellhayley Should you choose to accept…

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This will be the seventh film in the series and the third one that McQuarrie will write and direct along with Tom Cruise.

This is Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It

With her involvement teased via an Instagram post on Friday, Atwell will join a worldwide film franchise whose last installment, Fallout, was it’s most profitable at around $791.1 million globally.

I guess those Chinese filmgoers like seeing Tom Cruise almost bite it in a helicopter as opposed to Superman versus an oncoming truck.


I don’t know.

I went to sleep halfway through the movie and can’t be bothered to watch it again on Amazon.

For her part, Atwell’s last big, non-superhero film was as the wife of Ewan MacGregor in  Christopher Robin, a movie about a dad working himself to death to provide for his family and then having to learn how to “reconnect” with his kid by returning to his childhood fantasies of the 40 Acre Wood.

So, joining the IMF might be a good career move for Atwell here.

Not “Mailing it In”

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, that’s Tom Cruise to you, will be 59 by the time July 23, 2021 rolls around and the seventh Mission: Impossible film premieres.

I guarantee you he won’t “mail it in” like some men approaching 60 might do at the end of a long and storied career.

He will also be filming Mission: Impossible 8 at the time and he won’t mail a performance in on that one either.

There will be plenty of smirks, life-threatening stunts, and shots of Hayley Atwell (or Rebecca Ferguson) getting in and out of exotic cars in exotic locations.

Oh, and Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg will be back to annoy you.

Get ready to go on another Impossible Mission, come July 23, 2021.