When 20th Century Fox re-released Avatar in the summer of 2010, the movie was already the domestic, international and worldwide box office champ. And even though Avatar: Special Edition added 30 more minutes of footage, which was just a bunch of character stuff and cut scene CGI, the film only managed to gross $10 million on it’s second go around.

Maybe that lackluster performance was more down to the DVD release being just a couple of months away than a lack of interest in the movie itself.

This weekend, Disney is counting on fans to show up for the 1500 screen re-release of Endgame even though they are adding zero additional new footage. That’s right, dork, just buy the ticket and sit there for 2.5 hours watching a movie you’ve already seen two or three times so Disney can wrest the box office crown away from Avatar

It’s only $30 million dollars short! Don’t you want Marvel to have the biggest box office hit of all-time? Don’t you love comic books? Remember when you read comic books when you were a kid? When you were innocent and carefree? Aren’t you nostalgic for that time?

Well, then… what are you waiting for?

Together, we can change history

OK, So It’s Not Technically The Same

They have an end-scene this time! Additionally, some theaters will give you:

  1. A very special introduction from the Russo Brothers
  2. A tribute to Stan Lee
  3. A new trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home
  4. An unfinished, deleted scene
  5. This free poster

Help Avengers: Endgame, fanboy. You’re Disney Corporation’s only hope!