Original Cast Including Dan Aykroyd And Bill Murray Set To Return

Don’t shoot the messenger, but…

When he appeared as a guest on Dan Rather’s The Big Interview, Dan Aykroyd, who played Ray Stantz in both the 1984 original and it’s sequel, divulged a bit of a headline.


He has confirmed that he’s currently working on the screenplay for Ghostbusters 3. And not only that, but he also hints that he has the backing of Bill Murray:

“There is a possibility of a reunion with the three remaining Ghostbusters.”

“It’s being written right now.”

In 1989 Ghostbusters 2 was released starring Aykroyd, Murray, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson.


But Ghostbusters 3 never happened, despite the best efforts of Akyroyd’s during the 1990s.

With the release of the gender-swap Ghostbusters and Ramis’ death, it seemed a third film would be a dead duck. How about that?