From The Crown on Netflix to Hobbs & Shaw, via Mission: Impossible – Fallout. Vanessa Kirby’s star is on the rise.  Now, according to Geeks Worldwide, she is linked to the role of Catwoman / Selina Kyle in Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

31-year-old Kirby isn’t the first name linked to the production.  We talked about Andy Serkis’ rumoured involvement a few days ago. Of course, it was a straight fight between Nicholas Hoult and eventual winner Robert Pattinson for the title role.

Speculation is rife that Matt Reeves will tell a tale set near the beginning of Bruce Wayne’s crime-fighting career, and that the iconic Long Halloween storyline will form the basis.  

This will allow Batman to show off his detective skills as the caped crusader (still working without a sidekick) joins forces with Captain James Gordon of GCPD and a pre-Two Face Harvey Dent, District Attorney.  He is tracking a serial killer who strikes on various holidays throughout the year.  

All this happens in the midst of a gang-war between Gotham ruling mafia families and a threat of newly emerging “freaks” such as The Joker competing for turf in a city teetering on the edge.

In this story, Selina Kyle is a sometime consort of Bruce Wayne, while Catwoman is a mysterious force flitting in and out of his investigations with her motives always unclear. They are both unaware of each other’s alternative identities.

Filming on the new Batman project kicks off around New Year ahead of a June 2021 release.